Liposuction: The Importance of Ensuring a Safe and Precise Procedure with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons

Liposuction has long been regarded as a violent and aggressive procedure by many patients, particularly when they stumble upon surgical videos online. The sight of cannulas moving through the tissues to remove fat may appear alarming and brutal. 

It is crucial to understand that liposuction is a highly refined and precise surgical technique that can be dangerous if practiced by someone with little knowledge, preparation or experience. However, that is not the case of Premium Care Plastic Surgery®, home to board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Alex Campbell, Dr. Carolina Restrepo, and Dr. Mauricio Herrera; who have dedicated their professional careers to perfecting the art of liposuction, ensuring both safety and precision for their patients.

What you should know about Liposuction

With their extensive experience and international recognition in the field of plastic surgery, our surgeons bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to their practice. Having performed over 5,000 face, breast, and body plastic surgery procedures together; they have honed their techniques to deliver exceptional results. 

Apart from ensuring you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon (remember that not every surgeon is a plastic surgeon) who understands the intricacies of the procedure, it is important to guarantee that the tools and techniques being used during the procedure are the most adequate and updated ones. Our Premium Care Medical Suites are state of the art facilities with the most advanced technology in equipment and hygiene standards to offer an environment of safety, quality, and service.

It is also important to know that liposuction done by expert plastic surgeons and a good practice will ensure you have a successful recovery, but it is key to know the postoperative do’s and dont’s to minimize complications and guarantee long-lasting results. We know that at Premium Care Plastic Surgery®, that is why we have a multidisciplinary team that accompanies our patients during their first days after surgery to help with the recovery. Our packages not only include comprehensive medical services but also provide patients with the opportunity to recover in the comfort of our exclusive five-star Premium Care Recovery Suites™.

In conclusion, liposuction is far from the violent procedure it may appear to be. Through the expertise of our board-certified plastic surgeons, along with our dedicated team of medical and service professionals; you can ensure a precise and safe procedure to help you achieve the body of your dreams. 

At Premium Care Plastic Surgery® we also take pride in being more than just a surgical center. We have built a space to serve as an educational resource aiming to inform and guide people seeking life-changing procedures. Visit our website and find out more about us and what we do.

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