Travel for Surgery in Colombia: Everything you Need to Know About Medical Tourism

If you’re considering undergoing cosmetic or plastic surgery abroad, you may have heard about the increasing popularity of traveling to Colombia for this purpose. In this article, we will give you the complete guide to a successful plastic surgery journey in this South American country known for its beautiful people and excellence in medical tourism.

First and foremost, it’s important to highlight that Colombia has emerged as a regional leader in the plastic surgery medical tourism industry thanks to its strong intellectual capital and huge investment into improving the country’s medical infrastructure to provide a safe, reliable, and tourist friendly environment for health travelers.

Now, regarding the decision of the best destination and surgeon to help you with your needs, this is what you should do: 

  • Do an extensive research

When it comes to traveling for surgery to another country, it is crucial to choose a qualified surgeon with a reputable practice and accurate facilities to ensure a safe and successful experience. 

When researching for surgeons, the most common thing to do is look into their official websites, social media accounts or other professional profiles they have available. Always go with a board-certified plastic surgeon with specialized expertise in the procedures you are seeking to take and with proven qualifications, experience, and certifications. Reviews are also good inputs! Search for past patients and their testimonies on their experience and results. 

It is also important to take your time researching the facilities. Ensure you choose a place with the best equipment, technology, and hygiene standards available to offer an environment of safety, quality, and service. 

At Premium Care Plastic Surgery® we have three board-certified plastic surgeons, all have undergone extensive training on multiple continents, and together offer the combined expertise and experience from some of the world’s most prestigious centers in aesthetic surgery.                   

 Dr. Alex Campbell, Dr. Carolina Restrepo and Dr. Mauricio Herrera

Our Premium Care Medical Suites are designed to offer the most modern infrastructure and technology available. We’ve invested in the very best surgical, anesthesia, and operating room equipment from the world’s best companies including Drager, Stryker, Steris, Covidian, and Microaire. 

  • Ask for all the relevant information before traveling

Getting to know your surgeons and everything you should keep in mind regarding a surgical procedure in another country before traveling is the best way to ensure a good experience.

Ask for a prior consultation or meet up with your surgeon, that way you can discuss your needs, concerns and all the paperwork you must have ready ahead of the trip. 

At Premium Care Plastic Surgery®, you’ll always have an initial virtual consultation with our surgeons; and our team of coordinators will help you with all the information you need so you don’t miss out on any of the important stuff. 

  • Plan your trip

Traveling abroad for surgery means having to deal with a lot of unfamiliar places, people or decisions to guarantee a safe and effective surgery and recovery. Choose a surgeon that can help you plan your travel and facilitate information and options that ensure a safe trip. 

At Premium Care Plastic Surgery® we know that all the planning can be overwhelming, that is why we offer surgical packages that cover every aspect of your journey, including medical and surgical care, transportation, luxurious accommodations at our Recovery Suites, medications, and post-operative therapies. 

  • Look for the best practices in surgery 

Surgery is the most delicate step. When choosing a plastic surgeon, look for someone that not only offers you state of the art facilities and great provable experience; also choose someone that will accompany you through all the pre and post operative procedures and ensures great results. 

At Premium Care Plastic Surgery® we are proud to offer a combination of surgical expertise, advanced technology, and luxurious facilities. Having two surgeons work in most of our cases guarantees more procedures done in less time, a quicker recovery, and better results. 

Prior to your surgery day, you’ll have a consultation with our surgeons to refine your surgical plan and answer any final questions you have. And on the day of surgery, the entire medical team will be focused on providing you with the best care. 

  • Plan your recovery

One of the most difficult aspects about traveling for surgery is not having the commodities and people you are used to to take care of you. Make sure to plan ahead your recovery, having a good place and the right people to be with you during the next few days after your surgery will help you recuperate as soon as possible and get you back home in great conditions. 

Our surgical packages include a recovery experience unlike any other. You’ll be accompanied by a team of nurses, estheticians, and house staff with daily visits, post-operative therapies, and follow up appointments to see your progress and ensure you feel well taken care of and comfortable during your stay.

Moreover, our five-star Premium Care Recovery Suites offer a restorative and comfortable environment. With a beautiful view and all the comfort you need to recover in paradise. 

  • Don’t forget tourism

There’s always time to have some fun! Choosing the right surgeon will also let you enjoy yourself as a tourist while you are away from home. That’s why it’s always better to pick a destination that has a variety of things to do. 

Cartagena, where Premium Care Plastic Surgery is located, is considered a significant tourist hub with a wonderful atmosphere. This beautiful city in the Caribbean coast is recognized for its historical infrastructure and beautiful beaches.

We encourage every patient to explore this breathtaking city’s beauty. Take a look at our top 20 things to do in Cartagena.

In conclusion, the experience of traveling for surgery in Colombia is truly unique and fulfilling. From the safety and quality of medical care to the comfort of the recovery facilities, Colombia has earned its reputation as a reliable destination for medical tourism.

Plastic surgery is a big decision and investment. Take your time to research and make the right choice. If you are ready to have a unique traveling experience and satisfying results, contact us and let us walk you through the process to make you feel better.

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